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Who we are

We are an organization dedicated to interior and exterior painting and drywall. In all segments of commercial, industrial and residential. As well as new construction and renovation . HuGus, Inc. Is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations in all aspects of painting and drywall. We pride ourselves on our dedication to detail, cleanliness and organization. We at HuGus, Inc. believe that the key to providing world-class customer service and quality craftsmanship is by being honest, organized, detailed, and punctual.

HuGus, Inc. Promises to deliver quality workmanship by paying close attention to detail with every inch of our client’s property. Being organized while we work allows your living/working space to be as functional as possible while we provide excellent service to you. At HuGus, Inc. we pledge to provide accurate estimates and realistic completion dates, client satisfaction is guaranteed.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be identified as an organization that works by the measure of the highest quality and promise. It is our pleasure to establish excellent relationships with our clients to meet their needs and provide them with satisfaction for the project at hand. That is our commitment.

We at HuGus, Inc. have a passion for painting and drywall.

Our Mission

To be a leader in the painting and drywall service industry as a company recognized for quality, punctuality, and top of the line service in the state of Florida and Southeast Georgia.

HuGus, Inc is proud to present the following certifications in the State of Florida

  • DBE - Certified

  • dbe-certified
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  • JSEB-MBE - Certified

  • JSEB-MBE-Certified
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11764 Marco Beach Dr Ste 3
Jacksonville - FL 32224
Phone: (904) 641.39.70
Fax: (904) 374.57.72

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