The creators of Fat Cat Gaming started out with a mission to create an exciting mobile game that is social, entertaining and above all rewarding.

They took a look around and noticed a serious problem: the world is filled with mindless games that have no real purpose beyond providing players a few empty thrills while lining the pockets of creators. With gamers buying into games that only offer points, credits, badges and more levels as rewards for hours of devoted play, the question remains, "What do gamers really want?"

As is usually the case, the answer is deceptively simple. Jackpots… Big jackpots.

So they found a way to give it to them by combining the excitement of games that use skill, knowledge and judgement to win, that are easy to learn and play, with the thrill of big jackpots, and the added benefit of prizes for gamers who share the app and make referrals.

The result is Lucky 6TM.

Introduced in October 2014 in India to rave reviews, Lucky 6TM is a unique, innovative, patent pending game that enables users to showcase their knowledge and skill to win cash prizes.

A truly rewarding game!

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