i don't have any type of vision coverage, and i desperately needed a new pair of glasses. so, of course... i yelped around. i came across this place and saw the reviews.

service was wonderful... my exam was very thorough and the doctor was very pleasant and friendly. the woman was very patient with me when it came to choosing my frames. i wanted to stay in the range of boring colors (brown, black)... but she chose a pair of pink frames for me that totally worked with my face. i love them and wear them more than my contacts now!

to get the point... a year supply of contacts + new glasses + the necessary exams came out to a little over $500. to me, that is super cheap! i used to go to this one place in brooklyn... and with vision coverage, a pair of glasses cost about $400! a year supply of contacts was about $300. that's ludicrous! with the great prices and great service here, i will most definitely be back!

- Alissa S. (Brooklyn, NY)

I love this place! I went to get my eyes checked up yesterday, and got my eye glasses TODAY. Fastest service ever. I was there to get my eyes checked out for some new contact lens and a new pair of glasses, and as soon as I arrived they took me into the eye examination room - no long waits at this place. It was a really quick and ACCURATE eye exam (unlike my last optometrist who was an impatient asshole and gave me the same, incorrect prescription for both eyes), and the optometrist was very friendly and engaging. The staff there provided excellent service and they all spoke English very well, so language will not be a problem if you can only speak English.

- Ethan L. (Astoria, NY)

My whole family wears glasses... so we've been a long time customer here. The people are really nice, and there's a wide range of eyeglass selection. I don't know the prices compared to other places, but I think the prices are fair (You can get discounts for varies reasons).

- Yukki L. (New York, NY)

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