The eye examination is a very professional medical service that requires complicated and technical knowledge. Every licensed optometrist must attend four years of Optometry School after college, and many hours of fellowships and residency just like any medical doctors. As competition rises, many of our competitors offer free examination to draw in more customers. As a way to maintain the integrity and show respect for the optometric profession and to our doctors, we don’t offer free exams. However, as a token of appreciation for being our customers, the exam fee that we charge is much less than the cost. It is our way of saying thanks to our valued customers, without disregarding the value of a highly-respected medical profession.

At Chinatown Optical, Hunter Vision Center, and Brooklyn Optical, you can be assured that you’ll receive the best optical care by our licensed Optometrists and Opticians; we use the latest technology and equipments to accurately measure any refractive error and thoroughly exam your eyes’conditions.  Regular annual eye examinations are important throughout life, whether or not you are experiencing problems with your eyesight. Our optometrists will not only test your vision and prescribe glasses or contact lenses to you if necessary, but will also check closely for any early signs of eye disease or other medical condition.